The Child's Eye

1h, 37m 2010
4.6star /10 33 votes
A series of supernatural events unfold for a group of travelers stranded at an airport in Bangkok.
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Bangkok, November 2008. Six young holidaymakers from Hong Kong are stranded in Bangkok when the airport is occupied by demonstrators demanding the prime minister's resignation: Rainie (Rainie Yang) and Lok (Shawn Yue), who are on the verge of breaking up, Ling (Elanne Kwong) and her brother Rex (Rex Ho), and Ciwi (Ciwi Lam) and her boyfriend Hei (Izz Xu). Their driver takes them to the old Chung Tai Hotel, run by Chuen (Lam Ka-tung), where strange things start happening as soon as they arrive: Rainie sees a female ghost and Ling a disembodied hand. At dinner that night, the three men mysteriously disappear. Under Rainie's leadership, the three girls - helped by the young Man-man and her ghost-seeing dog Little Huang - set out to try and find them in the hotel's underground passages, in between being haunted by the female ghost and a strange monster.
Budget: $4,500,000.00
[2010] ]童眼/The Child's Eye - 電影預告/TRAILER(2'11)
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