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The Babysitter 22

1h, 24m 2005
She's hot n' ready... to party!
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Addicted to Sitter Snapper- It's not his fault. He just can't help it. This man is addicted to tight young babysitter pussy. His wife should have known he'd be banging the cute little thing as soon as he was left alone with her. What was she thinking? The New Bike- Mr. Thrust is showing his babysitter the new bikes he is going to be giving the twins for their birthday. But when the sitter sits on the bike the seat accidentally goes up her pussy. Caught Fucking Around- Mr. Sanders arrives home early to find his babysitter in the kitchen with a drug dealer sucking her tits. Goddamn it! Caught Diddling- Ashley is alone one night babysitting and in her bedroom decides to watch a porno and play with herself. Can you believe the dad gets home and catches her?

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