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The Art of Seduction

1h, 40m 2005
6.1star /10 51 votes
전국민의 연애 지침서; (작업의 정석) | 어머니는 말하셨지~ ″12월엔 건져라″ | 선수들의 연애 지침서 | 처음인듯 vs 관심 없는 척 - 마음은 이미 콩밭... | 바로 공격할까? 아님, 살짝 유혹만 할까?
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Min-Jun and Ji-Won are first-rate "players" who are dating gurus with 100% success rates in any dating pursuits. Following her usual systematic dating rules, Ji-Won fakes a car accident to capture Min-Jun's attention and successfully approaches him. However, her smooth-sailing dating life finally encounters turbulence. Min-Jun is also overwhelmed by the understanding that he has met his match.

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