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The 5th Execution

1h, 39m 2011
3.4star /10 6 votes
Rosyjscy komandosi otrzymują zadanie odnalezienia córki rosyjskiego urzędnika, która zaginęła w Azji, badając nowy szczep wirusa.
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On a remote island in Southeast Asia, a team of scientists, studying the regenerative properties of the salamander, discovers what their Bangkok headquarters refer to as "The Priceless Gift": an elixir of life. News of the discovery travels quickly, and profiteers begin to circle the island, only to find out just how dangerous a discovery it is. During the research process, they also uncovered an unstoppable disease. When the research team goes missing, it leaves behind a warning: that the disease has spread, and is threatening to go global. Special forces and mercenaries from around the world descend on the island, making apparent that there is more at stake than just profit and ambition, but the survival of humanity.
Budget: $7,000,000.00

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