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Terrifying Girls' High School: Animal Courage

1h, 26m 1973
6.2star /10 4 votes
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We find Reiko Ike once again cast as a tough schoolgirl who eventually has to band together with her enemies to upset the reign of their private Catholic high school administration where institutionalized sexual abuse is endemic. Tables are turned finally on the lay principal (Nobuo Kaneko), various sanctimonious teachers as well as an American priest (who drives a vulnerable virgin to suicide when he deflowers her!). Ike teams up with another one of those goodhearted, loner yakuzas, this one a fellow who has had a change of heart after being employed by principal Kaneko in setting up blackmail schemes. He enthusiastically comes over to Ike’s side when Ike saves his life from Kaneko’s whip-wielding dominatrix assassin! Per usual, the climax sees the prinicpal and adult evildoers publicly humiliated and exposed before the entire student body

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