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Telepathy: A Mantis Origin Story

2h, 1m 2016
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Telepathy is a thigh busting story of actress Mia Malkova who, under the influence of a mutated strain of lesbian virus we now know as Dr.Elixor's Blooming Tea. Lesbianism is only one of the effects derived from the woman made virus. Mia's reaction gives her the ability to read the minds of the women she meets. Witness a corporate battle between a Conservative organization called AWAL, and the progressive homo-supportive secret agency MANTIS in this heavy and wet tale, as we follow Mia from her first moment on set, with the real "Turning" patient zero Halle White (Adriana Chechik), to the final stage of MANTIS' top secret plan, where unsuspecting Mia finally submits to the bidding of MANTIS, using her new gift to begin yet another chain of events led by her miraculous gift of intuition that brings us to a culmination of corporate lesbian revenge!

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