1h, 28m 1999
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An immortal legend. As you've only imagined.
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Tarzan was a small orphan who was raised by an ape named Kala since he was a child. He believed that this was his family, but on an expedition Jane Porter is rescued by Tarzan. He then finds out that he's human. Now Tarzan must make the decision as to which family he should belong to...
Budget: $130,000,000.00Revenue: $448,191,819.00
"Tarzan" 1999 Blu-ray Theatrical Trailer Digitally Remastered
Tarzan - 1999 Theatrical Trailer 3
Тарзан - Трейлер
Тарзан (1999)-ДИСНЕЙ-Дублированный Трейлер HD
Bande Annonce -  Tarzan
Disney's Tarzan - Offizieller Trailer - Deutsch - 1999
Tarzan - Two Worlds(Hebrew) I טרזן - שני עולמות
Tarzan - Strangers Like Me (Hebrew) I טרזן - זרים כמותי
Tarzan - Two Worlds [Finale] (Hebrew) I טרזן - שני עולמות [סיום]
Tarzan - Son of Man (Hebrew) I טרזן - בן אנוש
Tarzan - You'll Be in My Heart (Hebrew) I טרזן - אתה אצלי בלב
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