Takut Tujuh Hari Bersama Setan

1h, 30m 2015
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Yudha who had problems with her lungs moved to Andaru's villa in the mountainous area for rehab. But since moving to Vila Andaru, Yudha's life changed to become very horrible. He often encountered oddities. Elisa and Dewa are two students who are looking for Elisa's missing brother (Erlita). They stayed at Cempaka Lodge, right next to Vila Andaru. Elisa and Dewa both have the ability to see spirits. The difference is that Elisa is still afraid, especially when she sees the hanging spirit (Rasti) who often haunts him at the Inn. Yudha who was reunited with Elisa and Dewa asked for help so Elisa and Dewa helped him.
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