Baba puts an evil spirit in Shabnam body and Shabnam kills a village man in the Jungle. When Thakur Mahendra Pratap comes to know about this from his brother Vijay, he takes job of finding that evil. He goes in Jungle and finds Shabnam and brings her to the village and villagers hang her till death. But after sometime Baba comes there and takes Shabnam's body while Karishma and Vijay are going through Jungle. Baba arrests Vijay and by his Kali Shakti he puts Shabnam's soul in Karishma's body by which she kills her mother. Thakur sends Sonam to Mama. Day-by-day villagers find dead bodies in the village and Gullu suspects Karishma. After some years Sonam comes to haveli with Rahul and her mama and at the same time a doctor is murdered by Karishma. Another day Gullu was also killed. Rahul suspect on Baba and they follow Baba. Baba traps them and there they come to know Vijay is alive.
Budget: $23,505.00Revenue: $18,412.00
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