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SW-323] I Went to Hang Out At a Friend’s House ...

3h 2015
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I Went to Hang Out At a Friend’s House and the Sight of His Older Sisters Well-Grown Bodies Just About Made My Pubescent Dick Explode. “When My Younger Brother’s Not Around, Do You Want Me to Give You Your First Sexual Experience?”, She Said Trying to Tempt Virgin Me! The young men featured in this movie all happen to suffer from this disease – virginity. News about them spread far and wide. Their sisters’s friends heard about it. They got together and plotted to do something about it. To be specific, they planned to rid them of this virginity disease. Now they know how shy virgins are around girls, and how careful they needed to handle them if they were to succeed in this assignment. So how did they go about their assignment? Watch and find out. More than giving you a few pointers about how girls go about seducing boys, it will also give you much to excite yourself with. The girls are sexy and exciting and playful.

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