Surviving Compton

1h, 37m 2016
7.7star /10 302 votes
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Discovered at a young age, the shy, squeaky-voiced Michel'le was plucked straight from South Central, Los Angeles and catapulted into the spotlight while riding N.W.A.'s rocket ride of early success. Surrounded by industry visionaries from Eazy-E to Tupack Skaur, Michel'le quickly climbed the charts, but her musical successes were soon overshadowed by betrayal and corruption. A nearly decade-long romance with the infamous Dr. Dre pushed her into a life tarnished by alcohol, drugs and violence until her savior came in the unlikely form of Suge Knight, co-founder of Death Row Records and Dre's business partner. Friendship would turn into a courtly romance, but the union Michel'le thought they had did not end happily ever after. With children from both men and a career to protect, Michel'le's voice became silenced by Compton's biggest power players. Until now.
Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le - Official Trailer | World Premiere Oct 15 8/7c | Lifetime
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