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Superman - The Movie: Restored International Cut

3h, 8m 1978
Superman brings you the gift of flight
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This movie has been approved for release by Warner Bros. In 2009, a team of Superman movie enthusiasts came together to create the longest known version of Superman-The Movie, containing footage from the TV broadcasts that were not included in the theatrical release. The assembly of footage resulted in a robust 188-minute version, appropriately called Superman-The Movie: Restored International Cut. Storyline: Just before the destruction of the planet Krypton, scientist Jor-El sends his infant son Kal-El on a spaceship to Earth. Raised by kindly farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent, young Clark discovers the source of his superhuman powers and moves to Metropolis to fight evil. As Superman, he battles the villainous Lex Luthor, while, as novice reporter Clark Kent, he attempts to woo co-worker Lois Lane
Budget: $55,000,000.00 Revenue: $134,218,018.00

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