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Super Mischieves

1h, 30m 1995
8.0star /10 1 vote
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Super Mischieves, the pint-sized Shaolin monks and their wacky supervisor Richard Ng Man Tat are beset by trouble from all sides. A beautiful girl has inserted herself into their lives to get her hands on a powerful Shaolin sutra. Meanwhile, the trio meets Gum (Eric Kot), a Chinese parody of Forrest Gump who acts even more mentally challenged than Tom Hanks did in his Oscar-winning role. Eventually, Hao Shao Wen must deal with many flatulence jokes, and Shih Hsiao Lung is beset by numerous martial arts movie parodies, all which threaten to lay waste to the traveling trio. The pint-sized martial arts dynamo has to do away with bad guy parodies from The East is Red, Fong Sai-Yuk, and The Bride With White Hair, among others.
Revenue: $481.00

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