Super K – The Movie

1h, 35m 2011
1.8star /10 11 votes
Some Heroes are born... but he was created
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Dreamzone, is a special world in the Galaxy, ruled by the kind hearted King “Maximus” but unknown to him, his brother “Badmess” is plotting to overthrow him. Unlike most superheroes who are born, Super K, a kid is created by Badmess using the powers of all the Dreamzonians. But a goof up causes Super K to turn out a freak, unable to control his powers and hence deserted by Badmess. Badmess, befriends the evil Dr. Ozox, who has his own sinister plan of taking over Dreamzone. Super K and his friends, come together to protect Dreamzone from the evil clutches of Dr. Ozox but at the same time Super K has to learn to control his powers.
Super K - Latest Animation Movie - English Song Promo
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