Strip Nude for Your Killer

1h, 37m 1975
5.4star /10 86 votes
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When a fashion model dies during an abortion, a series of murders begins, starting with her doctor. The next victims are connected to the modeling agency where she worked, Albatross, run by a hard edged and jealous bi-sexual, Gisella, married to a Farouk-like dissolute. One suspect is Carlo, a playboy photographer who has a hot temper and refuses to share information with the police. He becomes the lover of Magda, another photographer at the agency, who's probably in danger. The murderer wears a black motorcycle outfit and helmet. Will anyone discover the murderer's identity before the entire agency dies?
Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975) 35MM Trailer
NACKT FÜR DEN KILLER - englischer Trailer
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