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Step Sister Fantasies

1h, 56m 2019
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"I'll show you everything you can dream of." Your step-sis is looking hot as fuck and you swear she's giving you the "Cum and fuck me" eyes. You know you shouldn't do it, but her pussy would feel amazing wrapped around your cock! What do you do? Then it hits you: you could always fantasize about her and nobody would ever know! All of a sudden she is calling you into her bedroom and she slowly starts to strip out of her clothes! Her nipples look so hard as she grabs your hand so you could feel her supple teen breasts. SHe starts to tell you all of these dirty things and before you know it... you're balls deep inside of your step-sis, pumping your throbbing cock in and out of her wet pussy until you explode your load deep inside of her! As you start to come back to reality, you're immediately thankful it was just a fantasy knowing she can't get pregnant in your dreams.

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