2h, 1m 1977
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The only wages worth running for, dying for, killing for, are the wages of fear
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Four men from different parts of the globe, all hiding from their pasts in the same remote South American town, agree to risk their lives transporting gallons of unstable nitroglycerin across dangerous jungle.
Budget: $12,000,000.00Revenue: $9,000,000.00
Sorcerer trailer: A film by William Friedkin
Sorcerer 1977 TV trailer
Josh Olson on SORCERER
Bernard Rose on SORCERER
SORCERER - Bande-annonce officielle
SORCERERS : William Friedkin X Nicolas Winding Refn - Extrait 2
SORCERERS - Une conversation entre William Friedkin et Nicolas Winding Refn
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