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Sonho de Verão

1h, 30m 1990
5.4star /10 16 votes
Rááááá!!! Glu Glu!!! Ié Ié!!!!
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Grieved over the loss of their daughter, an elderly couple has decided do spend sometime travelling around Europe. The cabdriver who takes them to the airport is Leo, who overhears their conversation and decides to think of some way to profit from their situation. Leo manages to stay at the couples mansion while theyre away as a guest after telling everyone he is a nephew of them. He even invites his girlfriend and two other friends over to stay there with him and enjoy all the facilities! To make things even more hectic, a group of teenage students on their way to a holyday camp also stops by the mansion and decide to stay for a while. Theres only one thing all these people want: to party their heads off. The days at the mansion are filled with fun, noisy games and pranks. But the real masters of the house are bound to be back soon, and Leo and his friends might get into trouble...

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