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Slime Wave 1

1h, 36m 2011
10.0star /10 1 vote
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Slimewave 1: Stacy Silver`s Slime wave has been making a huge splash online and now it`s time to bust a nut all over DVD with Slime Wave Volume 1!! That`s right, Slime Wave is popping its DVD cherry with this virgin release and going all out with seven scenes featuring some of Europe`s hottest babes getting the most massive facial fantasy shots they`ve ever experienced! The sick beauty of Slime Wave is that with the fantasy element we can get chicks who would never do hardcore on camera to experience extreme cumshots that`ll show you exactly what they look like when giving deep blowjobs and what their pretty little faces and bodies look like when completely covered in sticky jizz! Once these chicks have had their turn on the Slime Wave they`ll never be quite the same! Featuring six solos and one cum-soaked lesbian duo, there`s plenty of fun on this DVD to keep you satisfied for a long time to cum!

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