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1h, 16m 2013
남편이 매일 일에만 파묻혀 사는 미즈노 치카코는 한 달에 한두 번씩 만나는 불륜 상대가 있었다.
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Mizuno Chikako, whose husband is buried only daily, had an affair that met once or twice a month. On that day, Mizuno, who spends time at the hotel with his adulterers and returns home, car crashes with promising violinist Tatsuya. In this accident, Tatsuya is unable to turn the violin anymore because he has two legs and has the aftereffect that his finger is paralyzed. Matsuno, who is afraid of adultery, would act as a caregiver of Tatsuya instead of alimony if Matsu, the attorney of Tatsuya and his lawyer, asked Mizuno to pay a huge sum of money.

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