Shu Thayu

2h, 15m 2018
Shu Thayu (2018)
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Manan wants to marry Dipali and with great difficulty he has convinced Dipali's parents. Marriage has to take place briskly but before marriage Manan meets with an uncanny accident while playing with friends Neel, Viral and Chirag. Manan starts to speak one sentence repeatedly and when his friends make him consult the doctor; they find out that Manan has lost his memory of past two years as he was hit in the head. Now Manan doesn't know Dipali, about his marriage and apart from his friends nobody else knows about this incident. Will Manan get married? Will Manan remember everything? Will his family know about this? Will Manan be able to say, What Happened?
Revenue: $3.00
Shu Thayu? - Official Trailer | Gujarati Film Trailer | Upcoming Gujarati Movie 2018 | Su Thayu
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