Sex on the Set

1h, 10m 1984
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In SEX ON THE SET, Tanya Lawson has her way with an exotically chained and laced up Janey Robbins. Their fun continues with Ron Jere,y servicing Janey from one end and Tanya from the other. It's luscious!! The hot and sizzling Robin Everett takes on, the then newcomer, David Scott. He is a fast learner and shorty the action get so hot that the director, Eric Edwards, can't help but to join in on the sexual romp. This flic has it all including one of the all time kinky lesbian scenes!! Taija Rae and Rene Summers fully take advantage of a two-sided dildo, as they explore each other with this giant plastic and rubber falice. To be honest, these two women are a great turn on. Plus, the fresh face and body of starlet Cathy Reed pushes Ron Jeremy to new heigts in a sizzling duet and grand finale.
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