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See You After School

1h, 43m 2006
5.9star /10 18 votes
억세게 운없는 놈의 심하게 꼬인 하루 | (불운의 제왕, 봉~폴레옹 가라사대!) 내 사전에 운빨이란 없다!
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Goong-dahl, a typical loser billed as the "unluckiest man alive" returned to the school after one year's intense training of reject student's treatments. Now he is up to the challenge of posing him self other than a typical loser. With the leads from his another old fellow mate he started with a new face by threatening and rescuing hot girl "Min-ah" from several oldies in the school. Everything went smoothly up to the plan until one of the bully is happened to be the schools notorious thug "Jae-koo" thus receiving invitation to a grand duel on the roof top after the school.
Budget: $1,800,000.00

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