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2h, 3m 2009
8.5star /10 2 votes
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This brilliant saw-like show combines the scary and the sexy to stunning effect. If horny stud Stefan can't satisfy a foxy fetish chick in 20 minutes, he really is screwed! Chained to a wheel by hot blonde Robyn, Demetri faces the ultimate test of his manhood. If he fails then the punishment in store will bring tears to his eyes! In an Eastern Europe hostel, a young 18+ couple find themselves forced to play kinky sex games to stay alive. The wife enjoys her lesbian experience so much, she has a shock in store for hubby. Tasty blonde slut Syren Sexton has to shag a gimpy guy as if her life depends on it. In the end though, she turns out to be the real threat! Scary and sexy, pure genius! David and Valery awake to find themselves chained to the wall in a sexy re-run of Saw! Only having quality porno sex will give them a chance of survival!

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