Reverend Death

1h, 40m 2008
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Five years ago we began filming what has turned into the most extraordinary documentary. The Rev. George Exoo is a not very successful Unitarian minister from Beckley, West Virginia who has drifted into helping terminally ill people commit suicide. However as we film we begin to see a change in George. He's started helping non-terminally ill people commit suicide. And he gets very annoyed if he travels across America to discover they've changed their minds and don't want to commit suicide. And he keeps going on about how he can't wait his own death because it will be a great adventure. And he's got an amoral new assistant called Susan who claims she'll help practically anyone if the price is right. "For George it's a calling," she says. "For me it's a business." George says he has so far helped more than 100 people commit suicide.
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