Recess: All Growed Down

1h, 1m 2003
6.1star /10 67 votes
Even kindergartners deserve a little respect.
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For the first time on DVD and video, see your favorite RECESS kids as kindergartners! Discover how the gang met with a look back at all your favorite characters when they first came to the Third Street School! The fun begins when the big kids get "captured" by a gang of wild new kindergartners led by Chief Stinky, the self-proclaimed kindergarten king. It takes T.J. and the rest of the RECESS kids to convince the kindergartners that good friends can come in all sizes . . . big and small! Join in the joy and laughter of RECESS: ALL GROWED DOWN -- full of hilarious twists and turns, lessons about meeting new friends, and the very fun business of growing up!
Recess - All Growned down - Part 1
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