Raw Spice

1h, 18m 2001
The Spice Girls Before Brides, Babies & Bust-ups
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Raw Spice is a fly-on-the-wall documentary like no other. It charts the formation of a girl band in 1994, a group who would go on to be the biggest selling girl band in history, five girls who became... The Spice Girls. This footage was shot two years before the girls had their first hit single. We see them living together in a tiny house in Maidenhead as they rehearse day in, day out, striving to become a success. We watch their rehearsals; and we discover their very distinctive personalities that we all know help make up the band. This includes never before seen footage of the girls speaking of their ambitions and fears, as well as their trademark outrageous behaviour and some titanic bust-ups. This is the girls before blockbuster hits, weddings, babies, and bust-ups. This is before stylists, PR People and make-up artists. THIS IS RAW SPICE.
Budget: $220,000.00
Raw Spice: The Unofficial Spice Girls Story - DVD Trailer
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