Rape Frenzy: Five Minutes Before Graduation

1h, 14m 1977
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After twelve years of school - twelve years of a strict, regimented life-style - high school graduation can be a very scary moment. It's a time when a student suddenly realizes everything is about to change. And many are not ready for the drastic fluctuation in their lives. This film concentrates on traumas facing two different graduates. Hideo and his friends always hang out at The Joint, a sand-wich/soda shop near the school. Just prior to graduation, the place is closed up. This gives an unsettling message to the kids who are already queasy over their own future. They react badly by going to school and raping their homeroom teacher. Meanwhile, Ichiro, who failed the University Entrance Exam, has barricaded himself - along with girlfriend Ranko - in a hotel with a rifle.
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