Ninety ('90) worm-eaten roses

1h, 50m 1990
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After being betrayed by a man in college, Jung - hee, who lived as a single man in distrust of men 's love to be 30 years old, marries in the serious courtship of his obstetrician, Jeong - tae, in his forties who is eight years old. However, she becomes dissatisfied with her husband 's sex life and becomes affair with her husband' s junkyu. Jeonghee, who has been suffering from guilty conscience, makes a shocking statement that he has brought in Jun Kyu for his sexual satisfaction. Jeonghee hides his hatred for her husband and vengeance for all men, and Jeongtae, who is looking for Jeonghee, becomes a vegetable by traffic accident. Junyu defends Jun-tae, but in desperate condition Jung-hee runs a dangerous game and eventually dies.
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