Mystery Woman: Sing Me a Murder

2h 2005
6.9star /10 37 votes
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Murder is something to sing about when Mystery Woman Samantha Kinsey-an expert in pulp fiction, and increasingly proficient when it comes to real-life crime-untangles a record-breaking murder. Mystery Woman bookshop owner, Samantha Kinsey, has offered to host a charity concert for a once-famous folk-rock trio out to recapture their old fame flame. But sweet success hits the ultimate sour note when the band's promoter is found murdered in his hotel room. Sam and her partner in crime, Philby, investigate, digging up deadly secrets of private indiscretions, professional greed, and personal vengeance that put a twisted spin on fame and fortune-and bring a whole new meaning to a Top Ten hit.
EXCLUSIVE - Mystery Woman:  Vision of A Murder - Hallmark Channel
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