Moscow, 17th Century. As Russia is beset by internal strife and power struggles, Grigori the bear, chief of the army of the young Tsar Peter I, travels to France with his daughter Dashen'ka, a young apprentice magician to perform a twofold mission: - to meet with Louis XIV and seal an alliance with France, bringing back reinforcements and his niece Princess Agnes from Versailles, who is to be married to Peter. - to bring back a mysterious relic from the Mont Saint Michel, the broken spear that once belonged to the archangel Michael and that will be used to fight the terrible dragon of evil that was stirring in the North of Russia. Through fast-moving chases, collisions, on-ship action, magic, humour and emotion, will the Musketeers of the Tsar be able to rescue young Peter from the plot hatched by his sister the Grand Duchess Sophia, Tchernogor, her counsellor with a passion for dark magic and the ruthless wolverine Streltsys?
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