Mrs. Doubtfire

2h, 5m 1993
7.3star /10 11.1 k votes
She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise.
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Loving but irresponsible dad Daniel Hillard, estranged from his exasperated spouse, is crushed by a court order allowing only weekly visits with his kids. When Daniel learns his ex needs a housekeeper, he gets the job -- disguised as an English nanny. Soon he becomes not only his children's best pal but the kind of parent he should have been from the start.
Budget: $25,000,000.00Revenue: $441,286,195.00
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"Миссис Даутфайр" 1993 трейлер / Робин Уильямс.  Пирс Броснан
Миссис Даутфайр
Mrs. Doubtfire - Trailer
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