Monster High: Electrified

1h, 12m 2017
7.8star /10 330 votes
Dreams are just a spark away!
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When Clawdeen dreams of opening a salon made for monsters and normies, Frankie has the perfect place - an abandoned power station outside town. But the idea sparks negative voltage when Moanica plots to ruin the whole thing, and replace the celebration with something a little more... shocking! Luckily the ghouls have a secret weapon on their side...Twyla, the daughter of the Boogey Man, and the perfect ghoul to unearth any mystery. Along with the most voltageous salon ever! So catch every twist, turn, zap and blast...because the Monster High ghouls are about to get ELECTRIC!
Monster High "Electrified" Official Movie Trailer | Monster High
Willkommen an der Monster High – Offizieller Trailer zum Film | Monster High
Bande-annonce officielle du film Monster High « Electrisant » | Monster High
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