The Adventure of Magical Michiko

1h, 10m 2019
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An inspiring Mangaka, Michio, is struggling to make an impact with his work. His current stories end up getting shut down by his current editor and he finds himself struggling to make enough money to live off of. To add to his frustrations, he longs to make a life with his girlfriend, Suzuko, who is holding out on a sexual relationship until Michio is able to prove himself as an artist. Inspired by his possible future of sexual exploration, Michio begins to pen an erotic manga starring a scantily clad heroine. After a night of feverish writing, Michio finds that his creation has come to life, and is tasked with helping him become more learned in the ways of women. She transforms him into “Michiko”, which results in the mangaka learning many different aspects of what it means to meet a woman’s sexual needs. The quest is not without peril though, and, the newly named “Michiko” has a lot of obstacles ahead of her on her quest for happiness.
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