Living Dangerously

1h, 45m 1987
7.4star /10 16 votes
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A gifted electrician, Michalis Karamanos works for Greek Telecommunications Organization and it seems that he is the only one who hasn't been completely absorbed by the corrupt and all-devouring system. Acting as a member of the revolutionary organization Constitutional Struggle, which is fighting against the unpopular policy of the government, he connects the computer of the director of OTE to an explosive device. He threatens to destroy the telecommunications of the country if he is not allowed to broadcast on television his revolutionary message during the broadcast of an important football game. The Authorities, thinking that he has gone crazy, try to bring him around using his old friends from the army, whom they pick up one by one as intermediaries. This is a situation comedy with excellent, mature plot development, plenty of suspense as well as masterful criticism of sociopolitical reality.
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