Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding

2h, 19m 2020
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The life story of music icon Udo Lindenberg who revolutionized the German music industry.
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Long before his big stage breakthrough in 1973 in Hamburg, and 4.4 million records sold, the rock musician Udo Lindenberg from the Westphalian province, the man with the long hair and the hat, had many adventures. Before it all started, he moved from the remoteness of Gronau to Hamburg, where he met Paula, who was not his great love, but was quite a hottie. When the team of three was complete with Steffi Stephan, the idea of founding a band developed. But the road to get there was a long one: he drummed as a jazz drummer in bands, had a highly dangerous performance in a US military base in the middle of the Libyan desert and always believed in making it to the very top.
Revenue: $6,404,964.00
LINDENBERG! Mach Dein Ding | Teaser
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