The Children of Chance

1h, 35m 2016
7.0star /10 49 votes
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In the backdrop of the Nazi occupation of France, taken to the hospital for a broken leg from an accident, twelve-year-old Maurice Gutman is narrowly spared from the mass roundup that will take his family from him and leave them imprisoned in a distant death camp. At the hospital, Dr. Daviel diagnoses him with tuberculosis and imposes a long treatment, perhaps a humane ruse to prevent him from being deported. Over the course of two years, while living with the hospital staff, Maurice and eight other young boarders unforgettably experience friendship, solidarity and extraordinary courage. These are the children of luck.
LES ENFANTS DE LA CHANCE - Bande-annonce - Un film de Malik Chibane
LES ENFANTS DE LA CHANCE - La chanson des enfants
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