The Boarded Window

26m 1971
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The 26 minute OKNO ZABITE DESKAMI (THE BOARDED WINDOW) from 1971 was Majewski’s second color production. Its basis was the 1891 Ambrose Bierce story about a man and woman residing in a dense forest whose lives undergo a most unsettling upheaval. Majewski updated the story to modern times, opening with a helicopter delivering the protagonists’ mail. They live a peaceful life in a rustic cabin, until one night the woman falls sick and dies--or so it seems. This film has a brooding ambiance that sets it apart from many of its fellows (no goofy whimsy is evident here), and some real shocks in the second half. Furthermore, the bold color cinematography foreshadows the garish visuals of SYSTEM, Majewski’s finest achievement in the genre.
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