Rich 'Old Man' Bill Morton is a hypochondriac. After bringing new sugar pills to Bill Morton's house, his physician, Doctor Malcolm Scott suggested to Bill Morton's wife that adopting a child might help cure Mister Morton of his delusions. After overhearing their conversation, Bill Morton quickly invited the "Our Gang" members, (as they were at the front come to the door, offering to work and pay for a broken window pane, that had just occurred) to a lunch, in order to sour his wife's thoughts of adopting any children. Then, the unexpected occurs as Alfalfa's two twin little brothers, Tisket and Tasket got to Bill Morton's medications' table, they ate up a majority of them, leading Bill Morton to call his physician, Malcolm Scott back to his house, immediately! When, Doctor Malcolm Scott return to Bill Morton's house, he laughs at what he hears and then tells Bill Morton they are worthless sugar pills, teaching a lesson to Bill Morton he is not sick at all.
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