Karakomik Filmler: 2 Arada

2h, 4m 2019
6.5star /10 113 votes
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Metin Arici who has been working as a staff for a ferry in Istanbul for a long time, also has been living in the same vehicle for 6 years. An interviewer visits them one day to evaluate how the staff in the ferry works. Ayzek, as Metin's friends call him, finds himself in a complicated situation in the fear of something he has never thought of. Then everything in his working life becomes tense and ripps the smile out of Ayzek's face. He has no idea when these incidents will end, but he finds the truth about himself along the way...
Revenue: $577,641.00
Karakomik Filmler | 2 Arada - Teaser II
Karakomik Filmler - 2 Arada
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