Just to Be Sure

1h, 40m 2017
6.6star /10 255 votes
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Erwan, a strapping Breton who clears mines for a living, is shaken when he discovers that his father is not his father. Despite his affection for the man who raised him, he quietly sets out to find his biological father, and succeeds in locating Joseph, an endearing old codger he takes a liking to. Just when things look settled, another unexpected “bomb” hits Erwan in the form of Anna, an elusive nymph.
JUST TO BE SURE (2017) - Official HD Trailer - A film by Carine Tardieu
EINE BRETONISCHE LIEBE Offizieller deutscher Trailer
Sácame de dudas - Trailer español (HD)
OTEZ-MOI D'UN DOUTE - Bande-annonce
TOGLIMI UN DUBBIO - Trailer ufficiale italiano
Szerelem tesztelve feliratos előzetes (16)
ΓΙΑ ΚΑΛΟ ΚΑΙ ΓΙΑ ΚΑΚΟ - Otez moi d' un doute FULL HD Greek Trailer
Otez moi d'un doute Trailer ST NL
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