Iron Boys 3: Implicación

1h, 40m 2009
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Each of these shorts has a type of implication that encounter our gay lives. Comedic, sexy, educational or dramatic, this multicultural variety of short films is not to be missed. Esas Nubes - Dir: Directed by Alex Mene (SPAIN) 11min 30sec Maricon - Dir: Directed by Luis Serra (SPAIN) 8 min In Any House - Dir: Luis Ulloa (USA/MEXICO) 13min O Amor No Tempo De Colera - Dir: Directed by Lobo Pasolini (UK/Brazil ) 3min Implicación - Dir: Directed by Julian Quintanilla (SPAIN) 6 min Le Jeu Du Chat - Dir: Directed by Simon Lanctot (CANADA) 5min 40sec Fotostar - Dir: Michele Andian (SWITZERLAND) 14min Gender - Dir: Daniel Lamberts (BELGIUM) 10 min Offerte Speciale - Dir: Gianni Gatti (ITALY) 7min Removal - Dir: Jojo Barker (USA) 4 mi
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