I Dutifully Report

1h, 31m 1958
7.9star /10 26 votes
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A comedy based on the novel of Jaroslav Hašek's The Good Soldier Svejk happens during the World War I. I Dutifully Report: In the introduction to the second part of the film adaptation of Hašek's novel The Good Soldier Švějk presents his main character Josef Švejk. With the distinctive traditional Czech cartoon character of a soldier Svejk, this time you meet on the way to the front and eventually right in the firing line. You can look at his famous train events, and also probably the most famous episode of the novel, Švejk's Budějovice anabasis. Don't miss the scene with the secretly bought cognac, the episode with Svejk as a fake Russian prisoner of war, including the court scene, and the scene in which lieutenant Dub is caught in a brothel. Despite the criticism, Steklý's adaptation is undoubtedly the most famous and memorable at present.
DOBRÝ VOJÁK ŠVEJK A POSLUŠNĚ HLÁSÍM - Karel Steklý, 1956-1957 Trailer
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