Hotel Artemis

1h, 34m 2018
6.6star /10 5.4 k votes
No guns. No cops. No killing the other patients.
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Los Angeles, June 21st, 2028. While the streets are being torn apart by riots, the Nurse, who runs a clandestine hospital for criminals in the penthouse of the Artemis, a closed old hotel, has a rough night dealing with troublemaker clients: thieves, assassins, someone from the past and the one who owns the place and the whole city.
Budget: $15,000,000.00Revenue: $12,371,132.00
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Отель «Артемида» — Русский трейлер (2018)
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מלון ארטמיס - 7.6 בקולנוע
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Hotel Artemis - Official Trailer
Hotel Artemis - Bande-annonce vf
Hotel Artemis - Bande-annonce vostfr
Hotel Artemis officiell trailer HD 2018   svenska undertexter
HOTEL ARTEMIS avec Jodie Foster,  Sofia Boutella et Dave Bautista
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