Grease 2

1h, 55m 1982
5.5star /10 1.1 k votes
The Music and Feeling go on Forever.
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It's 1961, two years after the original Grease gang graduated, and there's a new crop of seniors and new members of the coolest cliques on campus, the Pink Ladies and T-Birds. Michael Carrington is the new kid in school - but he's been branded a brainiac. Can he fix up an old motorcycle, don a leather jacket, avoid a rumble with the leader of the T-Birds, and win the heart of Pink Lady Stephanie?
Budget: $13,200,000.00Revenue: $15,171,476.00
Grease 2 Trailer [HQ]
Grease 2 (1982) TV Spot
GREASE 2 [1982] - Deutscher Trailer
Бриолин 2 - Trailer
Бриолин 2 - Trailer
Grease 2 - Trailer
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