2h, 3m 2014
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The world ends, Godzilla begins.
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Ford Brody, a Navy bomb expert, has just reunited with his family in San Francisco when he is forced to go to Japan to help his estranged father, Joe. Soon, both men are swept up in an escalating crisis when an ancient alpha predator arises from the sea to combat malevolent adversaries that threaten the survival of humanity. The creatures leave colossal destruction in their wake, as they make their way toward their final battleground: San Francisco.
Budget: $160,000,000.00Revenue: $529,076,069.00
Godzilla - Official Main Trailer [HD]
Godzilla - International Trailer [HD]
Godzilla - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]
Godzilla - Bande Annonce Officielle 3 (VF) - Bryan Cranston / Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Годзилла — Второй русский трейлер (HD) Godzilla 2014
【哥吉拉】亞洲版獨家動作預告-巨獸對戰篇 (HD)
Godzilla - Segundo Tráiler Oficial en español HD
GODZILLA - offizieller Trailer #6 deutsch HD
Godzilla Trailer Ufficiale Italiano (2014) - Gareth Edwards Movie HD
GODZILLA - Bande Annonce Officielle (VF) - Bryan Cranston / Aaron Taylor-Johnson
GODZILLA - offizieller Trailer #5 deutsch HD
GODZILLA - offizieller Trailer #1 deutsch HD
Godzilla | Officiële trailer 2 | Nederlands ondertiteld | 15 mei in de bioscoop in 3D en IMAX 3D
Godzilla Türkçe Fragman - HD
Godzilla (2014) hlavní CZ HD trailer
ҐОДЗІЛЛА офіційний трейлер
Godzilla - Szinkronos előzetes (12)
Годзила - премиера на 16 май в RealD 3D и IMAX 3D
GODZILA - v kinách od 15. mája 2014
Godzilla -- Bande Annonce 2 VF
גודזילה-טריילר HD
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