Feed 'em and Weep

10m 1938
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It's Mr. Hood's birthday, and he has been eagerly anticipating a quiet dinner at home with his family. Alas, Darla has invited a "few friends" to the celebration: Alfalfa, Porky, and Philip. The well-meaning trio drive poor Mr. Hood to distraction with loud and interminable choruses of "Happy Birthday, Mr. Hood", but this is nothing compared to the presents they've brought: a frog, a duck, and a cat, all of which get into a noisy confrontation with the family dog. When the kids aren't arguing over their favorite comic-strip characters, they're busily devouring Mr. Hood's birthday dinner; the poor fellow doesn't even get a slice of his own cake! That is given to Percy, when he stops in to tell Alfalfa that he needs to come home. Mr. Hood, disgusted over the whole affair, declares he's going out to get a bite to eat, and leaves. So does the Gang, as they resume arguing over whether Tarzan or Flash Gordon is the strongest...
Our Gang: The Roach/MGM talkies
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