Cyrano, My Love

1h, 53m 2019
7.8star /10 308 votes
He's got three weeks to write a masterpiece…
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Paris, France, December 1897. The young playwright Edmond Rostand feels like a failure. Inspiration has abandoned him. Married and father of two children, desperate and penniless, he persuades the great actor Constant Coquelin to perform the main role in his new play. But there is a problem: Coquelin wants to premiere it at Christmas and Edmond has not written a single word.
Cyrano, My Love | Official Trailer | Roadside Attractions
Edmond : Bande-annonce
CYRANO MON AMOUR - Trailer italiano ufficiale - dal 18 Aprile al cinema
Edmond /  Έντμοντ: Ένας Απρόβλεπτος Συγγραφέας
Edmond - par Alexis Michalik au cinéma le 8 février 2019
Сірано I Офіційний український трейлер I HD
Edmond - Extrait
Edmond -  Teaser
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