Eclipse of the Sun

1h, 24m 1943
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A vaudeville singer (Libertad Lamarque) secretly marries a wealthy landowner (George Rigaud), who soon returns to his ranch, fearing the rejection of his snobbish family. To teach him a lesson, she shows up at his estancia pretending to be a maid. Working from a popular stage play adapted by tango lyricist and versatile writer Homero Manzi, Luis Saslavsky directed a screwball comedy with singing star Libertad Lamarque. Giving the film’s title an ironic twist, Lamarque is cast as Sol Bernal, a platinum blonde defying class conventions in 1940s Argentina. A comedy of white telephones and lovely musical numbers, Eclipse de sol is peppered with sentimental touches and a dash of sex farce, thanks to Saslavsky’s visual sophistication.
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