1h, 33m 2015
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Get ready for a night out with the boys.
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Len is a Surf Lifesaving champion, a legend in the cloistered surf club just like his father. When the younger, faster, and fitter Phil arrives at the club, Len’s legendary status starts to crumble. Then Len sees Phil arriving in the company of another man. Phil is gay. After the annual awards dinner, Len finds Phil in the Club House locker room and violently attacks him. To Len’s surprise, Phil refuses to rat on Len about the beating. When Phil wins the annual Surf Lifesaving competition, Len’s defeat is final. In an act of revenge, Len gets Phil drunk and subjects him to a series of humiliating acts. But, the hatefulness forces Len to come face to face with a fundamental question: can he accept the truth about his own sexuality.
Drown Official Trailer (2015) - Dean Francis Movie HD
„DROWN” — Trailer german/deutsch (HD) by Queer-Stars.de — We love New Queer Cinema!
La Dernière Vague (Drown) - bande annonce DVD
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